North Coast Growers wins Dope Cup 2017's Best Nose (Fruity Pebbles) and Dope Cup 2017's Best Hybrid (Gorilla Glue #4).

North Coast Growers place 2nd in three more Dope Cup 2017 categories.

  • (Best Indica -Strawberry Banana)

  • (Best CBD - Sour Tsunami)

  • (Most Potent - Gorilla Glue #4)

Dope Cup 2016: Our Dutch Treat takes the award for Washington's best indica flower. 


Dope Magazine reviewed our High Society Strain this past December 2015. They commented that the overall effect of the strain is "Fun and relaxing, High Society gives the user an enjoyable mellow head buzz. It is cheerful and stimulates the mind without any overwhelming psychoactivity. A great strain for social occasions as it makes one feel comfortable and talkative". You can read the rest of Dope Magazine's review here.

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Leafly's Ask A Budtender: Best WA Cannabis Products for May 2017 #1. Sour Diesel ‘45 by North Coast Growers
"Sour Diesel has always had a special place in my heart, and it’s probably my favorite of the quintessential cannabis classics. The Sour Diesel from North Coast Growers blew my mind in the best way; with light green conical nugs, pale amber hairs, a sharp gassy aroma, and a powerful cerebral buzz, this Diesel delivered everything I want from the strain – and immediately won its place on this list of personal favorites. It’s worth noting that North Coast Growers is a pretty elusive producer – we’re talking unicorns here. Operating primarily as a genetics company for other cultivators, they source exclusively to 12 stores in the state of Washington, and they are available at only two stores in the greater Seattle area – Dockside Cannabis in Shoreline and SoDo. North Coast practically swept the board for flower in Washington’s 2017 Dope Cup, so give them a try if you can!" Read the full article here.

Leafly's Best Cannabis Flower Packaging: Part 2 What makes packaging pop. Leafly highlights North Coast Growers and their product packaging. Read the full article here.

The Leafly Guide to Paring Cannabis and Chocolates mentions that dark chocolate is best paired with "North Coast Growers's Gorilla Glue #4."  Read the full article  here.

When we first brought North Coast Growers to our shelves I was very skeptical. They were big, fluffy, bags with crazy artwork on the front and none of us had really heard much about them at all. Even though I was a bit thrown off, at first, when I picked up my first sample of Chemdawg #4 I was floored. It was so fully what had been described as the mystery hybrid that High Times had teased us with in the past. I’ll say that it may not be the most attractive sounding strain but one hit and you’ll understand how it fits into the Seattle lifestyle. This one is HAZY and more of a sensation enhancing strain. I’d find the time to enjoy a massage or a loud EDM show and let your body revel in the sensations of either.
— Dockside Cannabis

High quality strain from North Coast Growers out of Washington state. Just a great tasting strain! Really does taste like strawberry banana. Relaxing and uplifting strain. Very little couch lock for an indica dominant hybrid.
— Rick ( Review)
I was lucky enough to come across this delicious strain at Dockside Cannabis Sodo. It was available in pre-rolled joints. Opening the package was an explosion of flavor. sweet strawberry and aromatic banana burst forth. The smoke was just as satisfying. I recomend North Coast Growers available at Dockside Cannabis SoDo Seattle.
— BigRooster13 ( Review)
It’s a bit hard to find but I’m not from Pt. Angeles. This place is on SOUTH Ellis St. Not North. It’s next to Willis Smoke Shop and across from a super creepy motel with red doors. The ATM is located just inside the door in the corner. The selection is varied and extensive for such an adorably tiny shop. Reasonable prices and daily specials. I bough a 2 gram bag of North Coast OJ Matic. North Coast Growers rocks socks! Buy their bud.
— Meighan ( Review)
This is my gem for the North Coast Growers. Im coming for more!
— 1Hayes ( Review)
North Coast Growers were amazing to work with. Matt understood our business inside and out. Their consultation was invaluable and we wouldn’t start another grow without them.
— Tom B.
North Coast Growers out of Washington was the cut I tried. Let me start off by saying wow! I’m a concentrate guy through and through, however, this delectable strain was calling my name. Super dense nugs, my 1/8th was 3 medium sized nugs. Super super dense. Purple, glistening under my phone light. Perfect trim job. Breaking these buds down for bong hits and I smell purple, candy, and a musky pepper. 1 snap out of my bong and I already feel my eyes getting low. 2 snaps and I’m right where I need to be after a long day at work. Found myself being lazy, no munchies, no dry eyes. Caught myself dozing off a couple times. This is one heck of a strain to wind down with, or just get that Stoney high. This girl has some legs!
— Idabalot ( Review)
Got it in Seattle, WA. Grown by North Coast Growers. No pesticides. 31.5% THCA - 1.5% THC = 33% Total Consumed in a PAX 2. Aromas of diesel, fuel, chemicals, and a little bit skunky. Taste is full of chemicals, and a lot of soap. Feel is very nose/head centered with some slight pain relief in the back of the legs and in the upper back. The spot between my eyebrows was tingly and my nose felt ticklish. I don’t feel stupid, I don’t feel unable to do anything like a heavy Indica. I feel like I have some energy and could do anything I wanted. This is a happy strain. It had me smiling for around 10 minutes. Rated 4 stars because the taste is a full blast of bleachy soap - even with no pesticides. The taste lingers for around 10 minutes. In the vaporizer, the effects took a good 5-10 minutes to come up to a satisfactory level. This is a very high level THC sample, which should not be given to beginners.
— Khighly ( Review)


CEO & Founder of North Coast Growers, Matt Sampson, will be speaking at the Marijuana Business Convention & Expo.  in Las Vegas, NV.

Nov. 15-17th

Click here for more info.


Dope Cup 2016 Best Indica Flower