The day has come when Terpene profiles now categorize different genetic varieties, providing consumers with more knowledge and information they can apply to their purchasing decisions. We are all about that data-based decision making!  You may have never heard of  "terpenes" before, but you sure have smelled them. Terpenes are aromatic oils that give different scents and flavors to the cannabis plant. These are not just found in cannabis, but in a wide variety of plants around the world. These natural oils give plants their scent and flavor characteristics like lavender, basil, hops, etc. These same oils are what give some perfumes and candles their distinctive aromas. The cannabis plant uses these terpenes to protect themselves form herbivores, parasites, bacteria, fungi, etc. What can Terpenes do for you??


A New Standard

the Proof is in the pudding

We'd  like to give respect to @medicinecreekanalytics for setting a new standard in the industry for testing labs. From our experience their cannabinoid and terpene profiles provide us and the end consumer with the most accurate and consistent information.












Chemovar Guidance 

Intoducing the new concept

Cannabis varieties have been classified using the three main categories for the longest time (Sativa-Indica-Hybrid). As legal markets and legal frameworks mature, so does the vast improvement of the scientific understanding of this wonderful plant. We have cultivated hundreds of cannabis varietals, and will continue to cultivate hundreds more.  Varietals that grow well in our facility with our processes then graduate to a second round of flowering where we look to maximize the cannabinoid and terpene profiles on each variety.   Chemovars that demonstrate exceptional profiles then graduate into our regular rotation of products that make it to market.  In our opinion, the designation "sativa," "indica," or "hybrid" only tells a small part of the story for the consumer.  The genetic lineage is certainly important, and we, as craft cultivators, look to maximize the genetic potential of each varietal. This genetic potential is then reflected in the terpene and cannabinoid profiles attached to specific chemovars, and by providing this information we hope to equip our customers with the most useful information possible to help guide their purchasing decisions.