Super Silver Haze

Skunk x Northern lights x haze


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Top Terpenes in Super Silver Haze

b-Myrcene: Said to exhibit  sedative like effects, sleep aid, muscle relaxant, anti-mutagenic, analgesic, antibiotic. (Also found in hops)

Ocimene 1:  Said to exhibit anti-inflammatory effects, antifungal, antiseptic, decongestant, and antiviral properties. (also found in Ocimene occurs naturally in botanicals as diverse as mint, parsley, pepper, basil, mangoes, orchids, and kumquats) (monoterpene with a fruity and floral smell)

Terpinolene: Said to exhibit anticancer, antioxidant, sedative, antibacterial,  and anti-fungal properties (It is found in a variety of other pleasantly fragrant plants including nutmeg, tea tree, conifers, apples, cumin, and lilacs, and is sometimes used in soaps, perfumes, and lotions.)

b-Caryophyllene: Said to exhibit anti-inflammatory, analgesic, alcohol craving reduction, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant properties. (Also found in Spices like black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon, as well as herbs like oregano, basil, hops, and rosemary)

Guaiol: Said to be antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. (Also found in cypress, pine and guaiacum.) 

a-bisabolol: Said to exhibit anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and analgesic effects. 

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